Everyone is a teacher

Learning starts at birth and constantly happens outside the classroom. Whether you’re a parent, mentor, sibling, caretaker, friend, or community member, you can have a direct and positive impact on a child’s learning and brain development. Positive associations, feeling cared-for, and engagement help children  both at school and in their everyday lives.

Empower yourself and your child with tools and resources:

Talk, Read, Sing!

Talk, Read, Sing! is a national awareness campaign from Too Small To Fail, and implemented by the Early Childhood Coalition and Lehigh Valley Reads.

When you talk, read and sing with your baby or child, you’re helping their brain development as well as important language, math, reading and social skills. Talking, reading and singing can be done any time, anywhere, every day!

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Free Themed Playlists

Enjoy these free themed spotify music playlists for ages 0-5!

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Track Your Child’s Development

Track your child’s developmental milestones with this colorful chart from Talking is Teaching.

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Free Online Games and Activities

Play free online games and activities that build math and reading skills for ages 3 – 8 by PBS Kids!

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Practice Literacy Apps

Use this list of literacy apps to practice print awareness, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Also included apps for children with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder.

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Watch This Special

Watch this PBS special, Empowering Parents, hosted by Al Roker, as he visits schools across the country to see how families identify early signs of reading problems and find ideas for getting their kids the help and support they need.

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