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Empower yourself and your child with FREE tools and resources available throughout the summer and school year. Get them excited about learning with early learning games and activities, summer learning opportunities near you, free digital home libraries, resources to reduce stress and build resilient kids, and more!


Help your child learn and grow with tools and resources:

Local Services & Resources at Your Fingertips

Parent Powered is a free service that shares quick tips and simple tools that can help kids thrive in school and life and offers support for parents and caregivers that can reduce family stress and strengthen connections.
Get Connected!

Healing and Reducing Stress Resources

Balancing it all can be stressful. Free resources are available through Resilient Lehigh Valley to manage and bounce back from all types of challenges that emerge in every family’s life.
Build Resiliency!

Worldreader: Free Digital Home Library

Encourage your child’s social and emotional development and love for reading with access to hundreds of global digital books available right on your mobile phone. Scan this QR Code with your phone or use the button below with your tablet or Chromebook.
Start Reading!

Talk, Read, Sing!

Talk, Read, Sing! is a national awareness campaign from Too Small To Fail, and implemented by the Early Childhood Coalition and Lehigh Valley Reads.

When you talk, read and sing with your baby or child, you’re helping their brain development as well as important language, math, reading and social skills. Talking, reading and singing can be done any time, anywhere, every day!
Get involved!