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Build a Library, Build a Future

We want to help our kids and families have something to read at home. Households with home libraries help children expand their vocabulary and allow for better reading comprehension. Studies have shown that being read to as a child and having books in the home are the two most important indicators of future academic success.

We’re creating a movement to build home libraries and supply diverse books to celebrate stories that represent the people in our communities and the families who read them. You can help by making a donation!

Why We Need Diverse Books

Books can help children imagine what’s possible for their own lives, and to feel seen when characters like them are reflected back through a positive story. Books shape our ideas of the world and to form the ways we see others and ourselves. Lehigh Valley Reads aims to provide books that can help to build self-esteem and validation. We celebrate the stories and characters that reflect all families in our community.

Worldreader: Free Digital Home Library

Encourage your child’s social and emotional development and love for reading with access to hundreds of global digital books available right on your mobile phone. Scan this QR Code with your phone or use this link on your tablet or Chromebook.

Lehigh Valley Reads has partnered with Worldreader to support underserved communities with digital reading solutions that help improve learning outcomes, workforce readiness, and gender equity. Worldreader provides quick and easy learning activities parents and caregivers can do with their children that help build reading skills, explore self-awareness and teach empathy, all through fun, play-based activities.

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Help us build home libraries for Lehigh Valley Families! Donate Now!