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How does early childhood learning connect to third grade reading?

Nearly 7,000 babies are born in the Lehigh Valley every year, and almost half live in low-income families. Our most vulnerable children have the most limited exposure to high-quality childcare and will likely begin kindergarten 12-14 months behind their peers. Seven out of ten children in the Lehigh Valley are not ready for kindergarten, socially, emotionally or cognitively. Children who enter kindergarten not ready need additional supports to improve their language and literacy development to get them on track for reading well by the end of third grade. 

How do we address kindergarten readiness? 

Through the work of our Early Childhood Coalition, Lehigh Valley Reads: 

  • Implements the Talking Is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing campaign. This campaign encourages families, community members and others to talk, read and sing to young babies to build their brain and develop language and literacy skills. Making everyday small moments big by talking, reading and singing is easy and effective
  • Engages partners across the Lehigh Valley to deliver a common message around the importance of Talk, Read, Sing
  • Builds awareness around on-time kindergarten registration across the Lehigh Valley.
  • Works with school districts to explore the possibility of a standardized Kindergarten assessment tool